JUBHome systemsfor energy-saving solidly-built family homes

  • JUBHome BASE

    JUBHome BASE

    Load-bearing thermal insulation for foundation slabs.

  • JUBHome WALL

    JUBHome WALL

    Load-bearing walls made from thermally insulating ICF elements.

  • JUBHome ROOF

    JUBHome ROOF

    Thermal insulation for roofs.



    Energy-saving solidly-built family homes.


Why JUBHome?for massive energy efficient houses.

High quality, quick and easy

High quality, quick and easy

JUBHome construction system prevents construction errors. Assembly of prefabricated and cut to size elements using a free of charge design plan ensures a thermal bridge free, waterproof and airtight envelope.

Also for use in earthquake-prone regions

Also for use in earthquake-prone regions

The results of the JUBHome system tests performed at the Department of Structural and Earthquake Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana confirm that the installation of the JUBHome system is also safe in the earthquake-prone regions.

Continuous, high efficiency thermal envelope

Continuous, high efficiency thermal envelope

The comfortable living environment and low cost of living are closely linked to the continuous high efficiency thermal envelope of the house. Both are provided by the JUBHome system. The various thicknesses of insulation allow the customer to choose the optimal cost saving solution.

Quick recovery after flood

Quick recovery after flood

In case of flood, only 1% of the EPS volume takes up water. Therefore the insulation of the JUBHome walls dries quickly and without consequences. Thermal insulation of the base plate remains dry, since it is wrapped from the outside into a continuous layer of waterproofing, which also protects against the rise of groundwater and capillary moisture.

No thermal bridges, no mold

No thermal bridges, no mold

By eliminating thermal bridges and making sure our houses are sufficiently ventilated we also get rid of any mold buildup.

Always here for you

Always here for you

We want our customers to be happy, that is why we always try to find the best solutions for your problems.

A few simple steps.Because we only build once.


When you have the plot and know the planning regulations you can put some time into thinking about how your new house should look. To help you with the thought process we have some JUBHome houses you can choose from.


Following the idea is a concept architectural design and required project documentation.


Construction takes place in stages and we adapt to your wishes. We do advise towards choosing a finalized construction as that saves you the hassle of coordinating and finding contractors.

Moving in

When choosing a turn-key house your only concern is the choice and installation of interior design and accommodation.


After the construction we offer regular maintenance of installed devices.


We can prepare an informative offer for the purchase of JUBHome elements based on your blueprints.


After working out the details of construction, we issue a pro forma invoice. Upon paying the advance, JUBHome elements are tailored to the dimensions of your building, we draw assembly plans and prepare for delivery.


Time and place of delivery of JUBHome elements s up to the customer. When the value of the order exceeds 2.000,00 €, delivery is free within Slovenia.


When starting construction, arrange for a meeting with a JUBHome specialist, who can advise you on the most efficient and correct way of building with our elements.

JUBHome technical support and consulting.Everything the way it should be.

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